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Take a rich, warm cup of our Om Hot Chocolate Blend to help you focus, de-stress and chill. Premium, Dutch Cocoa known for its distinctive soft, creamy taste and packed with flavonoids, naturally-occurring antioxidants to help fight against free radicals. Combined with organic mushrooms such as  Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga and Turkey Tail superfood mushrooms, plus Ashwagandha for centering and vibrant health.

OM Mushroom Hot Chocolate Blend Contents

Chaga Mushrooms
This shrooms are known as the “king of medicinal mushrooms”, Chaga shrooms have been used extensively by Traditional Healers in North America, Europe and Asia for centuries. Chaga mushrooms  contain a wide range  of bioactive compounds with significant antioxidant and immunity-supporting activities.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom
It hasbeen reported in many studies that the lions mane mushroom  stimulates the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein that promotes the growth and normal function of nerve cells. NGF is important for cognitive and neurological health.

How To Consume The Mushroom Hot Chocolate Blend

Add approximately 2 heaping teaspoons to 8oz hot water or your favorite milk, stir well & enjoy. Or serve with ice for a delicious cold chocolate drink. One serving per day.


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