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Magic Boom Bars The Best Psilocybin Chocolate  

Buy Magic Boom Bars at the best psilocybin chocolate store online . Magic b00m bar also called magic shroom bars  is vibing  with psilocybin. These psilocybin mushroom 3.5 Boom magic bars aids mushroom chocolate lovers to effortlessly enjoy their  monthly dose of mushroom . This shrooms chocolate was created by Brainstorm PLC based in Canada . Together with the collaboration with Ommushroomofficial we have made this mushroom chocolate available for our Us costumers . Also Brainstorm designed  their flawless shroom chocolates using only Canada’s best ingredients and top notch technology. Again this brand sees the importance of having  mushroom-based products that you can trust, and that’s exactly why Brainstorm dedicates themselves in producing the best quality products of highest consistencies . You won’t find better tasting mushroom chocolates in the Canadian market.

Buy Magic Boom Bar in Canada today at the best prices . Every  BOOM bar contains a perfect 3.5gram. of premium-quality psilocybin mushrooms that can easily be divided into perfect squares when served.

How To Consume This Mushroom Chocolate Bar

To begin with if you’re new to shrooms chocolate, start with half a square and see how it affects you. For those more experienced, a full square will suffice . Once more in order to  enjoy this shroom chocolate  it is best ingested in an empty stomach . This may help combat any stomach upset or nausea the shrooms can cause. After consuming the first piece wait about  an hour before consuming more to see how the boom bars works its magic . Endeavour  to store your Belgian Magic Boom Bar Chocolates in a cool, and dry places to keep it preserved and ready for another trip. Buy other psilocybin chocolates such as trippy flip chocolate bars and funguy chocolate bars in Canada

Effects Of  Magic Boom Bars

Firstly onces this boom bars are ingested , you’ll experience boosts in creativity, energy, and your productivity will be maximized . Also even though Brainstorms packs the Boom Bar full of magic mushrooms, it sure doesn’t taste like it for the milky chocolate taste outshines the shrooms taste. Brainstorm makes their Magic chocolate  Bar using the best  Belgian chocolate from Callebaut to infuse delicacy with psilocybin magic. Place your orders today for the Belgian Magic Boom Bars online at OM .

2022 Updated Info On Magic Boom Bars Mushroom Chocolate Medical Benefits 

Recent Information from the CNN health desk as of June 23 2022 has shown that small clinical trials show that one one or two doses of psilocybin chocolates given in a therapeutic setting can make dramatic long lasting changes in people suffering from treatment-resistant depressive disorders . Based on this research , the US Food and Drug Administration has described psilocybin as a breakthrough medication. Hurry now today at Ommushroomofficial and purchase of the excruciatingly tasty Magic Boom Bars .

    FAQs About Magic Boom Bars

  1. Can the magic boom bar chocolate facilitate the experience of an expanded spectrum of colors ?                                                 Ans : Studies are showing the one up bar  helps with those experiencing color blindness ,regardless of the age group.
  2. Can Micro-dosing enhance ones focus?                                                                                                                                                             Ans: Research has shown that this is definitely true with several consumers attesting to this fact

    How Does Mushroom Chocolates Affect The Brain

    Our  magic boom bars contain infused Magic mushroom compound called Psilocybin which increases brain connectivity in people with depression. Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in our magic shroom cholo0ate bars , helps to “open up” depressed people’s brains, even weeks after use, this was deduced from several clinical trials and studies  . So we urge people suffering from this  depressions to hurry and get the magic boom barsin order to feel relief.


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