Magic Mushsroom Chocolate Bar


Buy The best Magic mushroom chocolate bar 2022

In search of an ideal location to order the magic mushroom chocolate bars ommushroomofficial is your shrooms bars ideal location. Magic shrooms Chocolate Bar is made up of a Delicious alpine milk chocolate with colorful cocoa pieces and an amazing blend of psilocybin mushroom . This shrooms bar is pretty much the outstanding mushroom chocolate bar in the psilocybin chocolate family. A tasty feeling of ones holidays at home. Generous shroom bar perfect for sharing with friends and family of required age . Works with the Cocoa Life Foundation. Buy magic mushroom chocolate bar online .

Magic Shrooms Chocolate Bars Ingredients

  • Psilocybin mushroom,
  • Cocoa Butter,
  • Skimmed MILK Powder,
  • sugar Cocoa Mass,
  • Emulsifier,
  • Whey Powder (MILK), MILK Fat,
  • Fat-Reduced Cocoa (1 %), HAZELNUT Paste,,
  • Whole MILK Powder,
  • Glazing Agents (Gum Arabic, Shellac,Solids: 18 % minimum in the Alpine Milk and beta-carbolines which inhibit monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down tryptamine alkaloids.

Magic Mushroom Bar Flavors

This amazing chocolate mushroom masterpiece can be seen a variety of flavors with the most common being the
Vanilla shroom bar flavors
Strawberry shroom bar flavor and
The Cream flavor .
With this amazing  flavors this psilocybin chocolate shroom gives a great feeling after intake. Buy the best magic mushroom chocolate online for an unforgettable experience.

Where To Buy The Best Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars In 2022

At Ommushroomofficial we make it our priority to provide the best quality shroom bars at the best prices to the best customers online .Our magic mushroom bars are of premium quality with our brand leading in the country. Buy magic shroom chocolate bar at our mushroom shop today at the best prices online

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Reviews

We all know mushrooms do not taste great when eaten in their raw form but when this psilocybin masterpiece is combined with an exotic blend of milk and chocolate toppings it brings out a delicious taste .
To begin with many of our customers have reviewed this product as being extremely tasty with and unwinding feeling to top it towards the end of consumption. Again some say the degree of trippy gotten from the magic mushroom bars is second to non . And finally this shroom bars are
psychedelic superfoods which is a great way to consume psilocybin and have a feel of its great effects. Place your orders for the magic shroom bars online at the best psilocybin chocolate store online now


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