OM Mushroom Coffee Blend



OM Mushroom Coffee Blend

Buy the Om mushroom coffee blend a mushroom coffee blend for coffee lovers !
Wake up with a brighter face  each day with this rich full-bodied coffee blend containing Cordyceps, Turkey Tail Lion’s Mane, and Reishi mushroom superfood mushroom powder, plus Ginkgo biloba, for focus, energy, and vibrant health.

Our Om Mushroom Coffee  Blend is made up of  more mushrooms per serving than the leading brand of mushroom coffee, and a bolder, better coffee taste. Our Om  mushroom coffee is expertly crafted with premium single origin 100% Arabica bean coffee sustainably grown from Papua New Guinea located in the south wester pacific ocean, with bold chocolatey notes and a rich full bodied taste. Buy Our mushroom coffee blend at the best psychedelic dispensary online.

Again this premium roast is combined with a special blend of whole food mushroom adaptogens that we grow ourselves in Carlsbad, California. The combination of Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and our proprietary, whole food Reishi extract standardized to 35% beta glucans, plus 120mg of naturally occurring caffeine and Ginkgo biloba, supports cognitive performance‡, promotes immune health, and provides sustained energy throughout the day.

Om Mushroom Coffee Blend Contains:

2,000 mg of organic whole food mushroom powder
100mg of our proprietary whole food Reishi Mushroom extract standardized to 35% beta glucans
Ginkgo biloba to support memory, focus, and attention span.

Cordyceps Mushrooms
Which improves vitality and endurance naturally by supporting respiration, oxygen delivery and ATP synthesis. Cordyceps mushrooms supports aerobic endurance in athletes and research related to general vitality in senior populations gives this mushroom species broad appeal. Cordyceps is also known for its ability to increase circulation.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms 
Know by experts  in many studies to stimulate the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein that promotes the growth and normal function of nerve cells. NGF is important for cognitive and neurological health.

Consumers are required to add approximately a  tablespoon to 10oz hot water, stir well & enjoy. Add your favorite creamer, sweetener or milk to taste. Or serve cold for a delicious iced coffee. One serving per day.


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