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Welcome to Om Mushroom Official  where you will find the best mushroom chocolate in the united states the One Up Bar . We provide our costumers with the most sort after  cannabis chocolate and  shroom chocolates  in the United States . We have spent years working with some of the mushroom producers and cannabis companies to put together a menu of the best weed chocolate and mushroom chocolate around. Our online dispensary is committed to providing our customers with top-grade and reliable mushroom chocolates  to take a pick .Again  all our products have been  lab-tested to ensure quality standards are met so that only the best reaches our customers. So browse through our shroom chocolate brands and take your pick .  We assure you that you’ll find a collection of the best brand named mushroom chocolates .Buy One up Bars online at the best prices for a premium experience .

Where To Buy The Best One Up Bar In The United States

For an ideal location to get your favourite one up mushroom visit our Om dispensary  . Also ,we offer the most affordable prices on the the one up mushroom bars . If you find a cheaper price of the one up mushroom bars  let us know and we’ll match it and even do better . At our Om dispensary we are committed to offering only the best possible prices in order to encourage our customers to go for more . Therefore hurry now to Om Mushroom Official and experience the true meaning of what it means to get your favourite one up mushroom chocolate . Buy 1up bars online in Canada today

Frequently Asked Questions About One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bars

  1. Can the 1up mushroom chocolate facilitate the experience of an expanded spectrum of colours ?                                                 Ans : Studies are showing the one up bar  helps with those experiencing colour blindness ,regardless of the age group.
  2. Can Micro-dosing enhance ones focus?                                                                                                                                                             Ans: Research has shown that this is definitely true with several consumers attesting to this fact
  3. Does one up bars improve brain activity?                                                                                                                                                  Ans : According to studies published in “Human Brain Mapping “, some compounds in shrooms could be unlocking brain states usually only experienced when we dream . These changes in activity could help unlock permanent shifts in ones perspective .

Complaints About Fake Websites selling One Up Chocolate Bar

Due to this brand being one of the very best mushroom chocolate brands in the United States ,there has been several reports on scams . Some even sell fake one up chocolate bars . In order to avoid such inconveniences we urge all mushroom chocolate lovers to get their shroom chocolates from well known dispensaries like us .

1 Up Mushroom Flavours 

To begin with 1 Up Mushroom chocolate bars  aren’t your everyday candy. Also these psilocybin-infused delights are some of the most potent on the market, allowing for a trip to a whole new world if you so choose. 1 up mushroom offers  their shroom chocolate bars a number of different flavours . Some of which includes

  • One Up Bar   milk chocolate,
  • 1 Up mushroom dark chocolate, and
  • Oneup bars cookies and cream flavors to provide ultimate variety


Medical Benefits Of The One Up Bar

Researchers say the one up  mushroom chocolate actually helps neurons in the brain (due to its infused psilocybin content ) sprout new dendrites , which look like branches on a tree , to increase communication between cells. This mushroom chocolate bars can increase neuronal growth , they can increase branching of neurons and can increase synapses. A good enough reason to order for the one up bar. Most consumers of the 1up bar say their brains are twirled during consumption of the 1up mushroom  chocolate bar. This helps them see things in a more positive way and then lay down those positive circuits with the neuroplasticity . We therefore urge all psilocybin lovers to get the amazing one up mushroom chocolate bars online at the. best prices . Place your orders for one up bar in Uk today .

How The One Up  Chocolate Bar Helps In Easing Severe Depression 

According to reports from CNN as of November 2022 , the health benefits of psilocybin have been openly spoken about. Our one up bar whose primary content is psilocybin has grown in popularity over a short while .  Psilocybin is a tryptamine alkaloid found in several species of magic mushrooms . Its potential antidepressant efficacy was suggested by preliminary studies involving patients with life-threatening cancer. Amelioration of symptomatic depression in pilot studies of major depressive disorder, including those that compared psilocybin with escitalopram and that investigated its use in treatment-resistant depression,10 has suggested therapeutic potential for this agent. Hence Psilocybin being the primary content of our infused mushroom chocolates makes our one up mushroom chocolates not just an absolute delight but perfect for handling major health conditions .


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