Polka Dot Mushroom Chocolate Bars



Buy premium Polka Dot  Mushroom Chocolate Online Near Me .

Buy polka dot mushroom chocolate bars online at our psychedelic dispensary for an exasperating experience. The name polka dot originated from the famous crypto coin the polkadot coin , which is ever growing popular this days in the new crypto market .. The polkadot Belgian mushroom chocolate will blow your mind at first bite . These chocolate mushrooms are rich , decadent and taste amazing. The mushroom chocolate bars are made from an excruciating blend psilocybin and a thick layer of peanut caramel on the top of a very fine dark delicious chocolate mix .. Place your order for the best polka dot shrooms chocolate bar today ..

Polkadot Shrooms Chocolate Flavors

The ommushroomofficial polka dot mushroom chocolate comes in a variety of different exotic flavors which are extremely tasteful to our taste buds and super appealing to every consumers eyes .. The polkadot flavors we have available include
-Raspberry Chocolate
-Cookies n cream
– Vegan mushroom chocolate bars

Where To Buy The Best Polka Dot  Mushroom Chocolate Bars

To begin with at Ommushroomofficial we strive to satisfy our users with the best of what is available in the mushroom chocolate industry , and we are currently achieving that with lots of exemplary reviews we have received from several of our amazing customers. Also polkadoot  bar shrooms chocolate can be seen in only a number of few dispensaries  through out the United States with a lot of fake dispensaries putting up the mantle that they sell these amazing mushroom chocolate . And finally in order to be able to distinguish between the original polka dot shrooms chocolate and a fake just simply turn the back of the packaging of the chocolate bar and you will discover a scanning code , If this scanning code is not seen at the back of the packaging of the chocolate bar it is definitely a fake so be cautious. Buy mushroom chocolate bars online today ..

Polka Dot Shrooms Chocolate Bar Reviews

In general mushrooms don’t have an exactly exciting taste but when the thought of chocolate comes to play the whole mindset changes . Again many of our costumers have left a positive review on this psychedelic chocolate bar as it gives them a wonderful trippy feeling perfect after a stressful day at the office.. In addition this psychedelic superfood are a great way to consume mushroom and perceive its wonderful taste not common to ordinary individuals.. Buy polka dot chocolate mushroom online at Ommushroom Official and enter a great trippy state ..

How To Consume The Polka Dot Chocolate Bar

Every psychedelic consumer knows the best manner in consuming psychedelic mushroom is through micro dosing .Microdosing is a psychedelic practice in which psychedelic substances such as psilocybin are consumed in very low sub hallucinogenic doses .. For beginners , users are advices to consume 1-5 pieces which helps in stimulating the mind . While for experienced users 10-15 pieces should leave up at the highest ever trippy level known . Buy polka dot chocolate mushroom bars online at ommushroomofficial ..


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